The Biography

of Doug Hatch

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Harkening back to his New York Hudson valley roots, Doug Hatch has taken to the landscape.

Combining both pleinaire and studio works, spontaneity and "all over" painting make these works looser and more in line with what is called "in the moment". The term "oil sketch" coined by 19th century landscape painter, Frederick Church might be apropos in describing the smaller gestural works in the series.

As in Doug's continuing and much accomplished studio works, these landscapes combine space, color, light, and shadow contrasts to create the illusion of deep vistas and spatial infinities.

"Ireland series;" A Continuation. After two pilgrimages to Ireland and with more planned, the island of his ancestors has become Doug's spiritual home. And in tribute to his mother's Irish roots, Doug has created "The Ireland Series". A continuation of colorful oils that will be added to, from time to time as schedule allows, centering on the multi-hued beauty of the Irish landscape.

Dorothy Nugent Hatch was Doug's mother, descended from the formidable Clan Nugent of counties Meath and West Meath. The Nugent's held court for six hundred years beginning in the late 10th century and brought forth a long line of Earls and Barons. All Great grandfathers and uncles who literally defined "Celtic Warrior Poet" in the classic sense. The Nugents rode alongside Strongbow during the Norman Conquests, and aptly defended the ramparts of Ross Castle, lough Sheelin as well as Nugent Castle, Delvin.

New work from Meath and West Meath, Ireland's most sacred and hallowed ground is planned. As well as more from Ireland's hauntingly beautiful and rustic west coast